Our Story

We have been heavily inspired by the story of Exodus. After being obsessed with this story for months, I wanted to follow and share this idea of exiling yourself from Tyranny and entering the desert. You can spread these ideas with us just by wearing Exilium armor. Our designs are meant to share themes of Duty and Liberty found in the Book of Exodus.

As a culture we need to become less comfortable with buying products made by slaves in communist controlled countries and support American made and Freedom loving brands.

Sacrificing the ease of Tyranny for the challenge and danger of Freedom. We must voluntarily enter the desert in order to remove ourselves from the control of Tyrants.

Exilium Armor's namesake comes from the idea of being a voluntary exile (Exilium is Latin for Exile) as well as wearing the Armor of God.

Proudly Manufactured and Printed in the United States.

We use only high quality materials to make our products (buy once, buy right).